Eden's Garden - Animal Handling Parties and displays
deguimages[4]imagesCA9NN7XLAfrican Land Snails love to slither out of their shell to the size of your handSpot-original I know-delightful leopard gecko Spikey-10 weeks now so learning to trust handlers- not from thegarden but an African Pygmy varietyYoshi here and his brother Luigi our chinchillas-watch their strange behaviour!Bearded Dragons-Princess Peach and Mario- placidand entertainingIndian stick insects- love to hang around!

No degus at the moment.

Pascal and Mini the Yemen Chameleons.

Marilyn the Python!

Slinky  Malinky the Berbers Skink.

Giant land snails.

Lily the leopard gecko.

Lottie and Oddball the African Pygmy Hedgehogs.

Cheeky, Barney and Thor the chinchillas.

Bearded Dragons Thor.
Buddy and Ember.

Indian stick insects
coming soon.

Also available- images soon

Blueberry Syrian hamster
Rio, Rosie, Salt and Pepper the gerbils
Tom and Jerry, Peppa and George the skinny pigs 
Guinea pigs- lots, sometimes babies!!!
Rabbits- fluffy and cute, more babies!
Speedy- horsfield tortoises.
Speedy the Herman tortoise
Sheldon the redfoot tortoise
Georgie, Armani and Peaches-leopard tortoises
Robo-roborski hamster
Tiny Tim the Russian hamsters
Mr Stumpy the Iguana
Alvin the chipmunk
Squishy, Squashy< Zeus  the crested geckos
Percy, Hop, Pip the Pacman Frog
Houdini-micro squirrel
Ka and Kai-corn snakes

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