Eden's Garden - Animal Handling Parties and displays
Why not give your residents something a bit different to enlighten their day. 
Like children's parties, I bring along 5/6 animals of your choice. Typical favourites are the fluffies, bunny, hamster, guinea pig, chinchilla, chipmunk and hedgehog(he is fluffy underneath!) However any creatures can be chosen to suit your residents. We have a chat about them, share pet stories and of course the petting and handling. It is very therapeutic and the animals have helped many already in a short spell. Testimonials to appear soon. 
Prices are very reasonable, call for details and specific requirements-ie groupings, individuals etc. 
Ask for prices for regular visits-many homes have already taken up this offer. 
I am also now offering to do craft as some managers noticed that I do this with children-again suited to the needs of your residents and adapted accordingly. 
Combine both for discounts!
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