Eden's Garden - Animal Handling Parties and displays
For children's and adults parties, I bring along 8 animals of your choice. Typical favourites are the snake, geckos, tortoise, skink, chinchilla and hedgehog(he is fluffy underneath!) However any creatures can be chosen to suit your guests. We have a chat about them and of course the petting and handling. It is very therapeutic and the animals enjoy the attention.

Prices are very reasonable, call for details and specific requirements-ie groupings, individuals etc. Ask for prices for siblings, discounts are made .I also do craft at  the parties if required.  It is good quality, animal themed craft which is bagged while you have the party eats.  It is a good substitute for the party bag plastics-again suited to the children/adults and adapted accordingly. Combine both for discounts!
Can be held inside or outside at your home or venue-even at a barbecue or park!
Timings-display only 1-1.5 hours
                 -craft and display  2hours but often runs on!
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